From the Lay Director




We know it hasn’t been great. We are working on revising our database with email addresses. Please send all of the emails you may have of cursillistas to the following email address and we will make sure we add them to the database: Improved communication is one of our top priorities. And to that end, we're hoping everyone will be at the Ultreya at St. Charles Episcopal on Nov. 17 at 3 pm. We'll share information, learn a little more about how we can strengthen our movement, sing, eat, pray, group and hear a wonderful witness. See the CHEC homepage for more information.


We are beginning a campaign to market Cursillo particularly to those parishes who have not regularly participated in the movement. We intend to send a series of four emails to each parish (a) advising them what Cursillo is NOT, (b) why Cursillo would be good for their parish, (c) what Cursillo is really about, and (d) a short survey designed to determine any concerns parishes have with the movement. Many churches are learning about the importance of small groups in the lives of their parishioners. We believe that Cursillo provides the ultimate springboard to help develop leaders and provide small groups.

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